Configured with 100 Business Class seats, North American based and available for world wide charters, the B-767 is one of the world’s most successful commercial airliners; the Boeing 767 has been the mainstay of airlines world-wide for many years, and is available for extended international group charters. The Boeing 767-200 is a classic example of successful engineering combined with excellent performance, and cargo capacity. With approximately 10 hours endurance, and 100 Business Class seats, this aircraft is specifically set up for premium travel groups, offering a luxurious, spacious environment for extended world wide tours.

BOEING 767-200ER

Eleven Hour Plus Nonstop Range

Technical Characteristics:

Boeing 767-200ER Passenger Seating Configuration – All Business Class 100 / Typical 3-class 181 / Typical 2-class 224 / Typical 1-class up to 255. Cargo 3,180 cu ft (90.1 cu m). Engines maximum thrust Pratt & Whitney PW4000 60,200 lb. GE CF6-80C2 62,100 lb. Maximum Fuel Capacity 23,980 U.S. gal (90,770 L) Maximum Takeoff Weight 395,000 lb (179,170 kg) Maximum Range 6,385 nm (11,825km) Typical Cruise Speed at 35,000 feet Mach 0.80 (530 mph, 851 kph)

Geared for international travel, with 10-12 exceptional flight attendants to cater for your guests, the Boeing 767 is available for worldwide charter.

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