Charter Aircraft

Sunset Wing ShotJETCORP AUSTRALIA is in a position to provide access to virtually all types and sizes of aircraft, depending on your needs and aspirations. Whether it’s a flight for 350 guests travelling from Sydney to Los Angeles or a Melbourne Cup/Grand Prix corporate day for eight, one phone call with us will start the process for us to manage your entire flight.

Over a four day period, JetCorp flew 912 passengers to multiple domestic and international locations without experiencing any issues or delays. Our charter flights offer a more relaxed flight experience and allow you to take ownership of the entire flight.

We work on any potential project, regardless of complexity; call our Charter Managers to discuss and we will advise how to proceed. 

Contact 1300 JETCORP(1300 538 267) Within Australia / Mob-Cell +61 402 095 737 / +61 2 8084 8809 [International]


JetCorp Australia SPECIAL OFFERS

  • Aircraft Type:Cessna Citation Sovereign
  • Date Range:31st December 2019 to 1st January 2020
  • Description: New Year’s Eve Sydney Fireworks: Return Flights / Melbourne-Sydney-Melbourne / ETD Melbourne 08:00h – 31st December 2019 or earlier / 8 Passengers / ETD 14:00h Sydney New Year’s Day 1st January 2020 / Flight time...
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