Cessna Citation VII

The Cessna Citation 650 offers comfort, high speed and good range making this corporate jet a popular choice for business and leisure travel. Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney based.

The Cessna Citation 650 is ideally suited for domestic and medium range international flights making it a popular choice for travel throughout Australia, South East Asia the South Pacific and New Zealand.

It is a comfortable fit between economy, performance, size and endurance. It provides a stand up cabin, excellent leg room and a quiet working environment for conferences enroute.

Cessna Citation 650 Interior

You can expect a comfortable flight for 7/8 passengers at 845 km/h and 39,000ft, above most of the weather and commercial airliners.

The service is exceptional, the aircraft, impressive and the flight experience as expected….exhilarating!

This impressive, cost effective mid-size business jet will deliver Sydney / Perth, Brisbane / Queenstown NZ or Sydney / Singapore comfortably.

Contact info@JetCorpAustralia.com 1300 JETCORP (1300 538 267) Within Australia / +61 402 095 737 (24hrs) +61 2 8084 8809 [International.

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  • Aircraft Type:Piper Chieftain Aircraft
  • Date Range:13th October 2019
  • Description: BATHURST RACES return flights Simple and easy, departing Bankstown Airport/30 minute flight. No Mascot delays/free parking.
    7 passengers / $3,730.00 GST Inc.
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