New Years Eve Sydney Fireworks

New Years Eve Sydney Fireworks: Return Flights / Melbourne-Sydney-Sydney / ETD Melbourne 08:00h or earlier if required / 8 Passengers  / ETD 14:00h Sydney New Year Day / Flight time 65 minutes / executive in-flight catering provided including French Champagne / two pilots and flight attendant  / flight –  professional and straight forward / no delays or waiting around private terminals.  People travel from around the globe for New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour – Melbourne is an hour away from awesomeness! 

Aircarft Type: New Years Eve Sydney Fireworks

Date : Tuesday 31st December 2019/1st January 2020

Price: $21,190.00.00 + GST  / Essendon Airport Melbourne (YMEN) – Sydney Mascot Airport (YSSY) – Essendon Airport Melbourne (YMEN).

Crew: Aircraft and Crew are Currently Available

JetCorp Australia SPECIAL OFFERS

  • Aircraft Type:Piper Chieftain Aircraft
  • Date Range:13th October 2019
  • Description: BATHURST RACES return flights Simple and easy, departing Bankstown Airport/30 minute flight. No Mascot delays/free parking.
    7 passengers / $3,730.00 GST Inc.
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