JetCorp Australia has delivered an exceptionally diverse scope of cargo, live Tasmanian lobsters to South East Asia, oversized ship’s gear box from Germany, strawberries to Japan, and live ordnance for our military.  No two consignments are ever the same and this has become our specialty, servicing the unusual to remote or distant locations where it is often necessary for the aircraft to operate autonomously.  Whether the consignment is smaller under 2000kgs – 2000kgs/7000kgs – 7000kgs/100,000kgs we provide the necessary support, including trucking to/from the airport, on/off loading, Customs and Quarantine, international/domestic paper work, aircraft and flight crews.

With notice, Dangerous Goods (DG’s) are consigned and carried IAW ICAO rules and regulations.   

As with everything, price is acknowledged as important but our primary concerns are safe delivery and a professional service with minimal stress.


Model: Boeing 747-400ERF


The Boeing 747 in all its variants has been the backbone of all serious aviation companies world-wide for many decades. For the first time since its introduction it is seeing serious competition from the Airbus A-380 in its passenger carrying role but it is still the undisputed standout aircraft in the world of air freighters. The B747-400ERF (extended range freighter) has etched a reputation for economy, reliability, range and capacity, only to be joined and upstaged by its stable mate the technologically advanced B747-800F. An extraordinary aircraft by any stretch and an improvement on the already impressive B747-400F. The ubiquitous Boeing 747-400ERF is unique in its versatility and acceptance world-wide. Recognised as a consistent performer, and easily supported by engineering and ground crews at the majority of primary and many secondary airports globally. The longevity of the B-747 airframe and its many variants speaks volumes for it acceptance and cost effectiveness.

With a payload of 117,000kgs/9,200kms (4,970NM), one stop Sydney/London, or non-stop Los Angeles/Tokyo it is a powerfully obvious air freighter option.

JetCorp is able to provide fully crewed and escorted sensitive cargoes for military forces, high value livestock, the mining industries, AOG’s for the aviation industry and urgent emergency relief aid whenever needed.

With its large cargo door and high 3 metre internal main deck, it is able to accommodate the largest (ULD) standard containers. For oversized loads the nose door gives the 747-400ERF the versatility to load several 12.2mt (40ft) containers or 7 X 6.1 mts (20ft) pallets directly onto the main deck.

Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW): 412,775 kg (910,003lbs)

Maximum Range (RMax):

Ferry (Empty, No Tech Stop): 7,900 nm (14,630 km)

Ferry (Empty, 1 Tech Stop, No Crew Change): 7,900 nm (14,630 km)

@ Max Payload (No Tech Stop): 4,970 nm (9,200 km)

@ Max Payload (1 Tech Stop, No Crew Change): 6,085 nm (11,270 km)

Maximum Gross Payload: 117,000Kg (257,940 lbs)

Maximum Accompanying Passengers: 6 in Business Class Seats

Combi Configuration: N/A

Cruise Speed at Altitude: 486kts (901km/h) at 35,000ft (10,700mts)

Minimum Runway Length for MTOW at Height: 3100mts (10,100ft) at SEA LEVEL

Cargo Capacity:

Main Deck: 735.8cu mts (25,984.5cu ft)/30 PMC pallets-96 x 125ins

(244 x 318 cm)

Lower Deck / Cargo Compartment(s): 193.31 cu m (6,826.6 cu ft) / 32 LD-1 containers

Maximum Cargo Length Side Door 5.48mts (18ft) approximate

Bulk Cargo: 14.7cu mts (520cu ft) MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR CLIENT USE.

In-Flight Catering: Standard / Special Dietary Requirements by Request

Lavatory: Yes

Supplementary Information:

Flight Crew: 2 minimum

Maximum Fuel Capacity: 216,439 lts (57,108 US gal)

Seat Type: Business (6)

Seat Width: 28” (71cm)

Seat Pitch: N/A

Hold Conditioning Range (On-Ground): 4°C to 30°C (39.2°F to 86°F) (DOORS CLOSED)

Hold Conditioning Range (In-Flight): 4°C to 30° C (39.2°F to 86°F)

Extreme Weather: Yes

Satellite Phone: Yes

Medical Kit: Yes

Medical Link: Yes

Cargo Doors:

Main Deck:


Lower Deck / Cargo Compartment(s):

Typical Load Plans:

Manufacturer’s Detailed Description:


  • Aircraft Type:Embraer Phenom 300e
  • Date Range:Saturday – To Be Confirmed 2020
  • Description: AFL Grand Final Return Flights: / Sydney Mascot (YSSY) – Essendon Melbourne (YMEN) – Sydney Mascot (YSSY) / ETD YSSY 08:00h or earlier / 8/9 Passengers (Pax.) / ETD YMEN 18:00h after the game. Flight time 65 minutes...
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